Knowlton Township Environmental Commission

working to protect and promote our natural resources

Welcome to Our Rural and Scenic Community

The Knowlton Township Environmental Commission is pleased to welcome you to Knowlton Township, one of Warren County’s loveliest places to live. Once home to small dairy farms operated by families such as the Bruglers, Linaberrys, and Brands, whose names can still be found on our road signs, Knowlton, unlike many New Jersey towns, has been able to keep its rural character and environmental integrity.

This has been possible only because so many Knowlton residents recognize that the agricultural heritage and natural beauty of our Township is a precious and endangered commodity that should be preserved. We value our rural character and the pastoral beauty of our farms, set in a stunning landscape of rolling hills and quiet valleys. We appreciate the wild animals that are rare in most of New Jersey but commonplace here: bear, wild turkeys, bobcats, and coyotes. We understand the importance of protecting the Paulins Kill, one of the healthiest streams in New Jersey, and the Delaware River with its clean water and ample opportunity for fishing, canoeing, and kayaking.

Township officials have responded to the growing awareness of their constituents that Knowlton has a special character worth preserving. The Planning Board enacted strong zoning to discourage high-density development and sprawl. The Township Committee promotes open space and farmland preservation so that currently more than one third of the Township’s approximately 15,000 acres are permanently preserved.

The Knowlton Environmental Commission is proud to have been a part of these efforts, the fortunate result of which is clearly visible on a drive along any of our 35 miles of Township roads as well as from the scenic Paulins Kill Valley multi-use trail, which stretches from the Portland pedestrian bridge all the way to Blairstown’s Footbridge Park. We hope that you come to value the natural splendor of Knowlton Township as much as we do and we would welcome your involvement on the Knowlton Environmental Commission to help us preserve it.