Knowlton Township Environmental Commission

working to protect and promote our natural resources

The Knowlton Environmental Commission serves the community by being an active voice in bringing awareness to current issues and initiatiaves that impact our environment. Here is a list of our initiatives, Past, Present and Future, that we engage in to protect, preserve, steward, and enhance our environment.


  • Open Space and Farmland Preservation
  • Environmental Protection Ordinances - Stormwater Management, Steep Slope Protection, Limestone Ordinance, Riparian Corridor Protection, etc...
  • Sign/Light Pollution Ordinance Enhancements
  • Anti-Hydrofracking Resolution


  • To protect the rural and scenic beauty of our Township and promote tourism to our town at the state and national levels - We are working towards Scenic Byway Designation of the Route 80 and Route 94 corridors in our Township
  • To Enhance Air Quality and protect our citizens from adverse health affects, such as asthma - We are part of the community advisory council in Upper Mount Bethel, we keep close tabs on any new Industrial Air Pollution dischargers, such as the Portland Power Plant (now NRG Energy) or Air Liquide, which would discharge any harmful pollutants, and are working on an Anti-Idling Campaign, to educate our citizens (and our visiting truck drivers) on the harmful health effects of diesel automobile/truck exhaust and what we can do to address it.
  • Education & Outreach - Empowering our citizens with information sharing through Website, ListServe, Educational Programs & Events
  • Recreational Trail maintenance


  • Applying for grant funding to create an Environmental Resource Inventory (ERI) for our Town
  • Recreational Trail Planning - Partnering with Knowlton's Recreation Committee, PA Portland/Water Gap Trail Extension Committe, Kittatinny State Park, the 9/11 Memorial Trail Committee, Blairstown Paulinskill Valley Trail Committee, Eagle Scouts, and individual vollunteer citizens to create physical trail linkages, where feasible, between Township Parks and the County, Federal, and State Park systems and protected open space
  • Recreational Trail Mapping and Trail Signage
  • Partner with other rural Warren County municipalities for events such as paper shredding days, ewaste pickup days, Green Fairs, etc...



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